Sunday, March 10, 2013

Second shot of A.P. Indy as a yearling unearthed

Last month, I had a post on A.P. Indy, inspired primarily because A) well, hes A.P. Indy; and B) I had come across one of two photos I took of him as a yearling and I thought it would be fun to share both of them. I spent a couple of hours looking for the second picture before publishing the blog without it.

But check out what I found today, right where it was supposed to be -- in the A” section of my photo files!

A.P. Indy moments away from selling for $2,900,000 at the 1990 Keeneland July yearling sale.

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  1. Nice! AP was quite a lad, as well as a young prospect with a grand pedigree.

    And he's posed just outside what is now Barn 18?

    Brings back memories of Keeneland, including NOT having the Buddhist temple to walk them around in, which really changed things ... changes and changes.